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Scope of relocation services and processes

Commercial buildings, hotels, shopping malls and personal goods handling; small pieces of express, city distribution the massive relocation of residents moved, enterprises  
Ancillary services: disassembly of furniture, air conditioning professional moving the piano; valuable finishing, packaging, providing containers, rental boxes; All kinds of hoisting machinery and equipment rentals.  
Depending on the customer needs to provide a wide range of labor  
A: the difficult move in large quantities and units for residents  
II: inter-provincial long-distance transportation  
Three: freight transportation  
Four: Mall shipping  
Five: specialized in handling the piano and furniture  
Six: big block handling  
Seven: air conditioning < home appliances > remove and install  
As a professional moving company for customers can be more at ease moving, please pay attention to our processes, so that we can better serve you! 
The first step: according to customer demand to conduct on-site investigations  
Step two: make move based on survey plans and estimate quote  
The third step: delivery of packaging materials for the customer  
Fourth step: package load  
V do not: transport and site restoration  
The sixth step: move to clear the BACK