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Removal because of Customs problems should pay attention to what

(A) "group of six" first into the House before moving to first prepare the following six kinds of daily necessities of: 
1. meter: "m barrels" for eight full of rice. M barrels in a red envelope containing banknotes, tea and nine copper coins (or coins).  
2. water: use "bucket" contains seven minutes full of water (water from the "old home" taken).  
3. the dishes: per person in the family to prepare a new set of dishes, even for Kyrgyzstan.  
4. the dustpan, broom, attached red cloth.  
5. as per person in the family to prepare a new set of underwear, pillows and sheets.  
6. the old furnace, Pan and fan.  
When moving above six everyday items in fixed auspicious times moved into the kitchen, and other items can only be moved into the new House. After migration acclimatized, lives in the soil and Ginger can be taken into the new House. To go (abroad) of people with accompanying rice and soil, the restraint acclimatized heard that is quite effective. Move before leaving the old House should be left in the room "the old wallet", five coins, stay in the kitchen "two eggs" and "a red envelope bag (red)" ("red bag" (red) within the "Cypress" and even the value of the "notes"). "The last thing" or "the last man" when he left the old House and remembered in front of the old House to sprinkle some rice, then locked away.  
(B) the new worship House "Foundation" after moving into a new home that afternoon at dusk, depending on customs often to worship "Foundation" (QI). I heard "Foundation" for "God" or "House of God", and each House has, offerings to the "ground" to keep houses are safe. Or say: "foundations" homestead living, commonly known as the "base." House being occupied by others or reduced later in life to live, Xin Ying Sibai, begins from the scourge. The legendary "foundations", the figure is not high, and new House of worship at the kitchen door or "back door", and set offering the table should not be too high. Offerings to the "Foundation" offerings are as follows: 
1. homemade food (commonly known as "the boys"): a bowl of rice, meat, vegetables and soup.  
2. three cups of wine.  
3. the Red candle.  
4. three incense.  
5. Shou Jin, mows the gold and land gold and other "paper money".  
"Three incense" Burns one-third above, in new homes next to the front door, burned "paper money" (Shou Jin, mows the gold, the land of gold). Burn paper money, pick up the offerings, offerings to the "ground" ceremony is complete. BACK