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Office moving needs to pay attention to what issues

Office we move more than family need to pay attention, when choosing a moving company must pay particular attention to, how many moving companies in Nanjing in fast and accurate selection of efficient and reliable agencies? refer to following principles will make removal is no longer a problem.  
More in Office we choose moving company in Nanjing. Select two or more moving company, refer to the quote, be careful not to give any deliveries, taking heed of the company's reputation, credibility, performance records, customer response and claims services. Reputable companies will provide a written quotation if removal companies are reluctant to offer, and quotes for many reasons, be careful, if there is not a written quotation, misfortune of handling price is likely to have an accident.  
When handling and moving companies may make cost adjustments included the following reason: bad weather, things are not perfect, departure or destination does not have parking spaces, removal of objects exceeds the car's capacity, handling time is too early or too late, delays in transportation or surcharges, need to provide carton or moving company to provide packing services. BACK