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Hospitals moving matters needing attention

In order to move and settle all hospitals two 17th Tingzhen. According to the ANDing hospital charge, although there are various types of mental illness, but hospitals have long had to communicate with them to move things, telling them to move to a better treatment environment, patients are basically accepted.  
On October 18, hospital equipment, Office supplies, such as relocation of all other settings, and all computer network installation and commissioning is complete. Starting today, will be in the new premises opened.  
On October 18, Tianjin's ANDing hospital moved into new homes in Liulin. From 7:00 to 11:20, Tianjin jinnan branch of the 900 patients were successful, and moved into the new House.  
Introduction according to the hospital, Hexi District, Tianjin's ANDing hospital site, including Wu Jia Yao Avenue 39th and Li, jinnan district village, two hospital districts, part old bed 708. Due to the imminent relocation of the relationship, some are light symptoms before patients choose to go home to stay, the hospital moved to a new location and then to the hospital again. Accordingly, on October 18, moving a total of 550 patients this part, jinnan branch there are 350. BACK