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Friend's House giving Raiders

1. If his house is a newly renovated, it is recommended that you send some plants can purify the air (send water plants, not the kind of Crystal mud, water is good, nice and clean, who applies) or with bamboo charcoal handicrafts.  
2. tableware but also to know the host's taste in advance. but sent an ingenious Korea tableware, there should be no problem.  
3. sugar cane, meaning is the meaning of rising.  
4. send fine household items such as bedding, set of four, practical and good-looking.  
5. Feng Shui fish, wish him every year.  
6. If there is any woman more at home, proposed to send her and her mom how are cosmetics? 
7. set teapot, more content.  
8. If it is a female friend, vase is more appropriate, would be more popular. (Nice vase, the way a bunch of flowers, not bad!) Male friends, sent a special decorations or crafts, ethnic or exotic best.  
9. bedside lamp? or decorative painting painting (copy?) lamp? decoration? but no matter what decorations to carefully, because matching and decoration. BACK