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Common moving services

Moving House is a frequently used words, in fact, precisely, should be called the move, because a lot of times, involved in the service, not just moving, and moving plants, moving companies, moving offices and so on. Moving company move for himself, then to get to know, what are the common relocation services in Shenzhen! 
The most common form of Shenzhen moving relocation services, moving, moving, moving Office, moving the piano, as well as a variety of cargo handling, transport. This is the most common type of moving service, as commonly used, so most needs, in line with the masses.  
Another, not just moving so easy, will also be responsible for the installation and maintenance of household appliances: air conditioning in disassembly and Assembly, range hoods, water heaters, furniture, lamps and their repair, maintenance and cleaning services  
Secondly, cleaned, including company or home, if you have the need, you can call them. Clean clear service: a variety of indoor and outdoor cleaning, carpet cleaning, brushed the wall, dredging the sewers, cleaning, part-time.   BACK