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Small moving companies

The company has a 0.6-5 ton trucks, Gold Cup, specializing in moving pianos, mahogany furniture, city long short-distance move, moving services, moving plants, Office moving, move the air conditioning machines. Shanghai small move is one of the earlier establishment of the moving companies in Shanghai, after six years of development and growth of the company, existing professional disassembly and technical personnel more than 10 employees, fresh move field staff members and tons of vehicles, the majority of residents, enterprises with various types of moving and transportation services. Lu Wan, Huangpu, Yangpu, Hongkou, zhabei, changning, Minhang, Xin Zhuang, Pudong. district town more than one partial company adhere to the "Boli, sustained growth" approach to development, while at low prices does not lower the standard of service. Welcome new and old customers call contact service in place. BACK