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Shanghai moving out of principle

* The moving time, any customers advance notice once the vehicle, the customer cancel for any reason, empty charge per car fee  
100, 80%, long-distance freight transport will charge vehicles, personnel have not been based on the customer cancel the car without charging.  
* Short load or unload cargo and on each charge 50 Yuan (urban areas), plus 80 yuan each way, medium and long distance according to the actual situation and another.  
* Caused by client side of vehicle and delays in handling staff do not work, work, add delay charge 50 Yuan per hour meter (vehicle  
30 minutes after the start, less than l hours calculated according to 1 hour).  
* When moving out of place and moved into the location does not match the actual distance, Super charge 5 Yuan about 1 km from the city, increasing the average medium and long distance over 1 km 10  
* Carton size/cm: 75x50x30 or 50x50x36 15, 60x50x40 (thickening) 20 Yuan each. Requires more than 20 cartons of the   BACK