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Library should pay attention to points

1, do a collection of outstanding work. Collection are repaid on a routine work of library management, prior to the removal of this work have their significance. Which contributes to accurate collection of total number of species, and designed for warehouse areas, for the acquisition of bookshelves, bookcases provide a reliable basis for the number and finally closed in order not to affect removal and collection of reader's borrowing repaid. "Book accounts checked, renew" approach, to ensure that relocation, repay, three anyway. In addition, the order for the repayment of the collection up to speed, first of all, to inform the reader about, to get the support, understanding and cooperation. Secondly, by library staff to be submitted for repayment of the implementation plan, issued a notice announcing compensation system, return the book readers ' registration account, set the "special circumstances" memo, these jobs are necessary.  
2, do a library inventory. Collection checking is to the library collection of the Museum for a full order, classification, shelving, removed, verification, and so on. Strictly arranged by call number, found to be false, wrong, wrong type, wrong number of books to make corrections. And want to return the last Qing dynasty, classification, repair the stained, old books, to carry out nuclear account, log off, statistics.  
3, the making of the collection removing documents. Formulate scientific and concise is the relocation of the collection documents use for moving, aims to prevent the library binding chaos, moved into the new benefit, operation easily lost in the middle. Meanwhile, can enhance staff accountability. Using the "document", the target clearly the requirements bar data fill out accurately, "documents" and book matches the package bundle, so go with the package. Relocation of the collection applies to the professional library of documents, can also be used for general store, including periodical information on relocation can also use the document.  
4, the Treasury of the new layout. This is the most critical part in collection removing. For can do science, and reasonable layout new Museum warehouse, should consider following factors: a is to according to existing all collection volume and future collection development planning, arrangements new Museum warehouse space occupied volume; II is to to convenient special or refers specifically to readers and general readers, coupled with is expected to future stay development readers of borrowing for eventually target, arrangements warehouse space accounted for to; three is to guarantee Museum within staff of work convenient and the table case of placed space; four is to reasonable arrangements row frame azimuth, note security channel and light; Five is to take into account modern equipment application location and allocation of power. In addition, consider using "Tibet", "open-shelves", these two factors on the ability to achieve rational distribution warehouse also has a direct effect of the new. In summary, the new collection layout reasonable, it is necessary to adapt to the current needs, but also consider the scale of future development. Limited staff, warehouse limited, small library, finds collection arrangement is reasonable, ultimately depends on whether the borrowing rate of the convenience, ease of librarian for collection management.   BACK